Photographing Pelicans

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Photographing Pelicans
Today my wife, my children and I took a little Sunday drive to photograph some pelicans.  We had a lot of fun.  Above is a photo my wife took of me as I hid in some cover to take some pictures.  Below is one of the photos I was able to capture.

Flying pelican, pelicans, pelican flying
Flying Pelican
Sometimes the trips we take to the outdoors are not the typical hunting and fishing type.  Sometimes it is nice to just get out and enjoy nature without any expectations of catching that big fish or getting the kill.

- Any day in the outdoors is a good day

New Work Hours Might Mean More Time For The Outdoors

It has been a while since I have posted to my blog.  However, I am hoping this will change for the better as I have new hours at work.  These new work hours might mean more time for the outdoors if my body is able to adjust appropriately.  I guess as with anything else.....time will tell.  I now work from 3:30 AM until about noon which should allow ample opportunity to get out and enjoy the great outdoors as the weather begins to warm up this spring.

Knowing that prime crappie season is right around the corner and I am planning to make many trips to the lake in an effort to stock the freezer with some delightful meat.  On a typical crappie fishing outing I will throw at least one line in the water in an effort to take home some catfish as well.  If you have followed this blog for long or even read many of my fishing journal posts you have probably seen that catching fish is not usually a problem.  

We've had a mild winter here in Missouri and it has me aching to wet a line!

- Any day in the outdoors is a good day