The Napier Sportz Truck Tent 57 Series Review

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As we age it becomes more difficult to sleep on the ground.  For those who love tent camping, there is a solution to this problem.... Napier SportzTruck Tent 57 Series.  This tent allows the camper to sleep in their truck bed which eliminates the need to stoop down in order to enter and exit your tent.
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Napier Sportz Truck Tent 57 Series Side View
Truck Tent, Pickup Truck Tent, Napier Truck Tent
Napier Sportz Truck Tent 57 Series Side View
The Napier 57 Series Sportz Truck Tent is an awesome three season tent that sleeps two.  The rain fly and walls are  constructed from 1200 mm PU polyester taffeta.  The floor is made from 1200 mm PU nylon taffeta.  There are two interior gear pockets with a gear loft that can be used for extra storage space.  With a center height of 5'5" there is enough head room for pretty much anyone.  The rear window is placed in a manner to offer access to the cab of your pickup through the rear hatch window.

The description on this tent says it can be set up in as little as ten minutes; however, I can tell you attempting to assemble this tent in the dark for the first time it will most definitely take much longer than that.  On the other hand, taking the tent down and packing it away is a really simple task.  If you are going to be out and about in the vehicle that the tent will be set up in, consider setting the tent up in advance so that when you arrive back at your camping spot for the night you can simply pick up the tent, slide it into your truck bed and strap it down.  This will save you an enormous amount of trouble.

Napier SportzTruck Tent 57 Series

Napier SportzTruck Tent 57 Series
"The Napier SportzTruck Tent 57 Series allows you to
sleep comfortably protected in the bed of your pickup.
Its shock-corded, color coded Durawrap fiberglass and
steel poles allow for fast set up in asittle as 10 minutes."

Although setting this tent up for the first time presented its challenges, I have to assume that the biggest reason for this is that my wife and I attempted to pull this off well after dark when both of us were already tired.  I'm quite certain that the next time we set it up will yield a completely different result.  Upon examining the Napier Sportz Truck Tent during the day I could see that is really is a simple tent to set up.

The overnight temperatures were in the mid forties when my wife and I used our tent, and we were able to sleep comfortably on an air mattress inside of our sleeping bag.  Unlike some tents that claim to be "three season," this one truly is!  We had no trouble staying warm inside of this well built tent.

One thing I will say is that if your truck is lifted, you will definitely want to come up with a step system for getting into your tent.  You could probably use a two-foot step ladder or cinder blocks.  Our method was to simply stack up some firewood and use it as our step to get inside. 

Keep in mind that there are several different models of this tent designed to fit many different truck bed sizes.  Be sure to find the right one for your truck.

I was pleasantly surprised at the overall quality of this tent.  With proper care this tent will provide the use with many years of use.

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