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December 3rd, 2016

Waking up at three in the morning is justifiable as long as it results in heading to the outdoors for some type of adventure.  Todays adventure took place with my son while freezing our rumps off in the deer stand.

Deer Stand, Whitetail Hunting
My son and I in the deer stand
With everything packed into the truck my son and I hit the road at about 3:30 AM for the two hour journey to our hunting spot.
Hunting From A Deer Stand, Deer Stand Hunting, Deer Hunting
A View From the Stand
After sitting in the stand for many hours we climbed down and headed into town to warm up and grab something to eat.  Once we had regained some of the feeling in our fingers it was back to the stand to sit for the afternoon and evening.
Deer Stand Hunting, Hunting From A Deer Stand, Deer Hunting
Another View From the Stand
We stayed in the stand until it was almost dark when three does came wandering in between our stand and the road.  The terrain is uphill from the stand to the road so I may have been able to take a shot safely; however, I decided to pass and use this as a teaching moment for my son.  As the deer walked out of sight my son asked why I didn't shoot.  I then told him that "you should never shoot your gun towards any road because you never know when a vehicle may drive by and accidentally shooting someone would not be a good situation."

At this point in the season I am extremely glad that my family is not dependent on my killing a deer in order to eat throughout this next year as it looks like I may not get one..... If it wasn't for fishing our freezer might be bare....lol.  Time will tell, but thankfully September 15th will be here again before we know it, and once again we will be hitting the woods in pursuit of the seemingly elusive whitetail deer.

- Any day in the outdoors is a good day

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